The Fine Arts Academy’s curriculum consists of Dance, Martial Arts, Music, Tumbling, Recreational Competitive Cheer, and Musical Theatre making it a very unique Triple Threat program. The Academy is dedicated to producing professionally run classes with the finest quality, technique, skill, and professionalism.

Our School stresses the importance of respect and tradition introduced in a fun welcoming manner.

Dance Classes

  • AGE 3-adult Ballet Ballroom Competition Contemporary Hip Hop Jazz Lyrical 
  • Tap Pointe Zumba/Brazil Butt Lift
  • Ballet Fitness

Class Descriptions

Ballet/Leaps, Turns, and Progressions

This class is designed to combine the classical ballet class with the favorite leaps class to help dancers master the exciting moves which make dances so appealing to the audience. Dancers specifically work on precision, strength, flexibility, and technique necessary to execute the leaps, turns, and progressions that enhance a performance. This is a technique class.


This style of dance incorporates the ballet technique and style into a more modern style of dance.

Hip Hop/Jazz

This style of dance allows students to develop their style and technique, to fun, upbeat popular music.


Tap dance expresses the use of both feet as musical instruments. The object of Tap is to master the use of the feet in playing melodic patterns, and drumming out rhythms.


This class will be by audition only. The selected dancers will compete at a number of competitions.


Children learn the basics of Ballet through fun and exciting moves creatively designed using fun upbeat music, along with visual aides. Young children eagerly await the next class. For ages 3-5

Ballet-Tap Combo

For those children who just like to keep moving. This class will help develop your child’s coordination and control skills. The instructor creatively works basic motor skills through fun, up- beat, age appropriate music, and movements. For ages 3-5

Tumble/Dance Combination

This class will be a combination of fun up-beat Hip Hop/Jazz style movements along with fun tumbling exercises for the beginning level.

Ballroom Dance

Group, Semi-Private, Wedding Party and Special Event Lessons

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance.

Ballroom Dance

Group Lessons, Wedding Party Lessons, Semi-Private Lessons, Special Event Lessons


All Tumbling

Students will learn appropriate stretching and flexibility techniques and engage in strength training exercises to support beginning tumbling skills.

Level One (Beginning Tumbling)

Beginner skills taught: somersaults, forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, bridge, backbend, walkovers, and basic jumps.

Level Two (Intermediate Tumbling)

Intermediate Skills Taught: Front Walkover, Back walk over sequence, Splits, Back Handspring, Jump Sequences

Level Three (Advanced Tumbling)

Advanced Skills Taught: Front Handspring, Back Handspring, sequences including: Round-off back hand spring, Round-off back hand spring tuck, back walk over sequences and jump sequences will be developed and drilled as well.

  • Adult Tap
  • Pre-School Dance Specialties Tumbling
  • Combo Classes

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